Created by two ordinary new mothers from New York, Sarah and Amy,, was born out of the idea that there had to be a “better way” to deal with the issues they were facing. They wanted to connect with other moms and share their experiences, while making sure the connection was free of judgment. The end result was the start of, a fun and unique website for every kind of mom to connect with others, get advice, swap stories and maybe even laugh now and then.  Feeling like this kind of honesty was missing for moms, the founders wanted to have a place to share their REAL experiences of motherhood. Their philosophy is, “no ‘mommy judgment’ allowed…just a place to stop, breathe and laugh for a few minutes every day, and to be reminded that we’re all struggling with this ‘mom thing’ in one way or another.”  Offering real-life stories that range from conscious parenting and the pursuit of financial freedom to re-igniting the sexual spark and addressing the woman behind the mother, covers a wide range of subjects that hit home. reminds mothers they are not alone and while these topics are not always openly discussed, all moms are aware of them. helps moms deal with the enormous pressure they are under by imparting personal experiences, encouragement and laughter. “We hope to make at least one mom laugh every day. If even one mom who is feeling alone, exhausted, imperfect or confused feels like someone else is going through the same thing, we’re a huge success.”