Capturing all that is cool online for kids ages 5 to 12, My Dad N’ Me ( launches a “virtual playground” enabling dads, kids and their families to build more meaningful relationships through both on and offline engagement. As discovered through company research, the site addresses the three most important attributes dads are seeking in social networking sites for their kids: 1) it is safe; 2) it is age appropriate; and 3) it involves dad’s participation. “My Dad N’ Me embraces the social media craze and redefines it for kids ages 5 to 12,” said Keith Kriegler, creator of My Dad N’ Me and CEO of Inspiring U, Inc., the parent company of My Dad N’ Me. “It is a free, innovative online social media platform that transforms and enriches relationships between dads and their children, as well as close family and friends. It fills a void that today’s popular social media sites have left untapped.” The site elicits creativity from both youngsters and their dads with interactive features such as message boards, games, family photo albums, customizable home pages for families and e-greeting cards, among other activities dads and their kids can do together both in and out of cyberspace. In addition to My Dad N’ Me, Kriegler wanted to offer dads the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns about connecting with their kids. Dad It Up ( is a site launching in tandem with My Dad N’ Me, and provides dads with an opportunity to post ideas and questions while receiving feedback through ongoing discussion threads on a variety of topics. “I wanted to create an open forum for dads to connect with one another in a relevant, meaningful way,” added Kriegler. ”A place where a dad can go to find everything from ideas on how to be a better parent to exchanging honest, open feedback on how to handle issues at home, work, step-parenting, visitation rights and more.”