The most popular vegetable consumed by American children as young as 15 months old is the french fry. Gerber and Nestlé are trying to change that surprising statistic with the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ I Pledge program — inviting parents to join their unwavering commitment to nourish a healthier generation, one baby at a time, by making their own pledge to the healthy growth and development of their young children. Clearspring Technologies, the leading widget network, is providing Gerber with its services, including the creation, distribution and tracking of I Pledge widgets. Pledges can be created at by uploading photos, entering promises to children, and customizing the design and accompanying soundtrack. A widget is then available, allowing the custom pledge to be posted and shared to more than 70 popular online destinations. The widget contains three components — a personal pledge, a gallery of others pledges and videos that provide educational information about children’s eating habits. The widget empowers parents and caregivers to share their pledge in public places on the Web, immediately increasing the reach of the Gerber message and exposure to new audiences. Since its inception in March more than 28,000 pledges have been created.  “Making and sharing your commitment to your baby’s healthy growth and development is a meaningful way to connect with other parents,” said Anna Mohl, vice president of integrated marketing at Nestlé Infant Nutrition. “The widget allows users to create and share their pledge in their own space, with personalization and share-ability increasing the power of the pledge.” The I Pledge widget provides a dynamic experience, encouraging self-expression with the creation of a pledge and photo slideshow, connecting to others with the ability to view their pledges and educating through short, helpful videos relaying important nutritional information. The widget has been viewed more than 3.5 million times since March. “Sharing is the heart of the social Web. The I Pledge widget makes sharing a personal pledge simple,” said Peggy Fry, senior vice president of Media Services at Clearspring. “By having the widget on Twitter, blogs or Facebook pages, it becomes a daily reminder of the sincere pledge these busy moms and caregivers have made to their children. Gerber is a trusted brand that is taking a new approach to helping families share an important message.” Since its creation in March, nearly 16,000 hours have been spent viewing the widget, demonstrating the compelling content in this mom-generated widget. Because the content is so personal, the average interaction rate is extremely high at 10 percent. Parents and caregivers have been so eager to share pledges and help raise a healthier generation that the I Pledge widget has been installed over 100,000 times since March, and has garnered nearly 700,000 unique visitors.