Embassy Suites Hotels recently announced the redesign of its popular site BusinssBalance, a website designed specifically with the needs of business travelers in mind. Taking direction from the fast-paced world in which guests receive and send information, BusinessBalance.com will continue to offer sage advice on a variety of topics including fitness, food and work/life balance, with new experts – and now in blog form. The group of new experts includes Erin Kane and Kristin Brandt of ManicMommies.com who will be writing a regular feature on work/life balance. Kane is a professional freelance publicist who makes a living promoting media projects out of her home office. She specializes in public television programs and websites. When she’s not working, blogging or podcasting she’s chasing around her two little boys in a suburb of Boston. Erin produces the weekly podcast “Manic Mommies,” which she co-hosts with her neighbor, Kristin Brandt. It was through podcasting that Erin developed a genuine interest in technology, and today she’s constantly on the hunt for products and platforms that simplify her work and help her manage her household. In addition to co-hosting “Manic Mommies,” Kristin Brandt is a full-time account executive and project supervisor with a marketing and advertising agency outside Boston. She is credited with coming up with the name “Manic Mommies,” a term many American moms now use to describe themselves! The mother of two small children, Kristin is the more “computer-savvy” of the Manic Mommies and is responsible for editing the podcast and maintaining the site. Kristin is fascinated by any new, shiny gadget and often jokes that her daughter is doomed to inherit a pile of junk jewelry and old technology. “We received terrific customer feedback on our BusinessBalance.com website, including requests to make the site faster, easier to navigate and more interactive,” said John Lee, VP, Brand Marketing & Communications, Embassy Suites Hotels. “We were happy to accommodate our site visitors with improved functionality, a fresh blog format and a new line-up of popular bloggers that will add real value to business travelers seeking balance on the road.”