Aha! Baby (www.ahababy.com) recently announced a new way for women to learn about the safety of different nursing baby bottle options. Whether new moms have questions about plastic or glass baby bottles, or the safety of Bisphenol A, by simply clicking on a few questions Aha! Baby will deliver the best sites and their related search results to help address all their concerns.  “There is so much confusing information about which baby bottles are safe for your baby that mothers have been asking about” said Sandra Wilson from Aha! Baby, “We tried to make it easy to quickly find the highest quality information from the most trusted sites, brands and community resources to help you learn whether or not you are making the right baby bottle nursing choice for your child.”  Users can learn all about baby bottles including how to buy the right feeding system, how to properly clean and maintain your nursing bottles and where to buy the right breastfeeding accessories. The nursing and breastfeeding sections are the latest addition to Aha! Baby.  Aha! Baby is the ultimate “go-to” resource for expecting parents and couples planning for pregnancy. By providing high quality, trusted information hand-picked by Aha! Baby’s editors, the consumer reaps the benefits of hundreds of pregnancy sites organized into one quick and concise search engine. From conception to birth development, baby naming, baby showers, budgeting and medical questions, Aha! Baby helps parents become instantly informed on all things to do with pregnancy.

In addition to providing an all-encompassing information search and trusted content, Aha! Baby offers week-by-week email updates and personalized page views. Because each parent’s concerns and research needs vary, Aha! Baby’s extensive topic database provides a wide variety of subjects. The first-time mother can find fabulous maternity fashions; the unsure father can search tips on assisting in childbirth; and veteran parents can learn how to integrate their newest addition with older siblings – all in one place! The options are limitless, and best of all, they’re organized, reviewed and validated for quality and relevance by Aha! Baby’s team of editors.