To help make shopping even more convenient for time-strapped parents, Toys”R”Us, Inc. has introduced “R” Market, a new, dedicated shop featuring an expanded assortment of consumables and commodities in select Toys”R”Us stores nationwide. Located at the front of more than 260 of the company’s 585 Toys”R”Us stores, “R” Market will roll out to additional locations across the country later this year. “R” Market features nearly 1,300 essential and discretionary products from trusted brands. The product assortment in “R” Market has something for the entire family, from favorite snacks and beverages for lunchboxes, to a broad selection of candy to complete the perfect family movie night. Quick pickups such as paper goods, as well as laundry and cleaning supplies are also available at affordable prices. Additionally, while Toys”R”Us stores have always been a destination for diapers, infant formula and baby food, the company has increased the selection of these items through “R” Market to make it easier for parents to find everything they need for babies while shopping for must-have toys for bigger kids. “As part of our business strategy, we are continually focused on improving the shopping experience for customers in our stores. This includes looking for new ways to provide busy parents with the convenience of finding everything they need for their kids under one roof,” said Jerry Storch, Chairman and CEO, Toys”R”Us, Inc. “The introduction of “R” Market offers customers a uniquely edited presentation of differentiated, kid-focused products from well-known manufacturers, as well as newer brands.”

With in-store signage featuring the iconic Toys”R”Us reversed “R” logo and a shopping cart with bursting stars, “R” Market is easily identifiable as the location for convenient pickup items. This shop bolsters the company’s position as a one-stop shopping destination for families and kids. The convenient offerings of “R” Market provide a great complement to the company’s selection of toys and electronics that kids crave – an assortment that continues to expand with the addition of new products, such as the recent introduction of Webkinz®.