State Farm Insurance and MommyCast are partnering to bring moms relevant information through the new video series “New Beginnings,” hosted by suburban moms Gretchen Vogelzang and Paige Heninger. The shorts are available on the MommyCast and State Farm branded YouTube™ channel, as well as on targeted sites across the Google content network.  The series launched this month on a YouTube™ channel, with co-branding from State Farm and MommyCast at The videos will focus on topics such as: college planning, home buying, insurance, and home safety. Ten segments are planned.


Vogelzang and Heninger, with seven children between them, will interview experts and share tips on managing life’s complexities during motherhood.  “When moms are browsing for information online about baby proofing their home or what to look for in a new home and community they’ll turn to MommyCast for helpful advice,” said Mark Gibson, assistant vice president of advertising at State Farm. “Gretchen and Paige are like a lot of other moms. When they need answers they turn to someone they trust who has been there. New moms confront a variety of issues during this important life stage. Providing a conduit to answer these questions is one example of how State Farm is there for families, supporting moms.”


Empowered by the digital age, Vogelzang and Heninger began an audio podcast a little more than a year ago when they discovered difficulty finding content to address frequently asked questions.  Today the two moms have over 1.5 million viewers and have attracted corporate sponsorships, such as the latest partnership with State Farm.  State Farm and MommyCast will leverage Google’s branded entertainment platform to syndicate the content to targeted audiences on YouTube and to hundreds of Web sites across the Google content network.