BBE (Broadband Enterprises) recently announced that the maiden season of its original online program, “Jen and Barb, Mom Life” ( has posted successful numbers—and its run isn’t over yet.  Launched last November, “Jen and Barb” features 43 episodes of four-to-five–minute segments on “life in the trenches of motherhood.” The show has two major sponsors for all 43 episodes, including Kraft, which put up a ‘television-sized’ budget, according to Matt Wasserlauf, founder and CEO of BBE.  Over the first 30 episodes, “Jen and Barb” garnered over 40 million impressions, and its average audience is over 1.3 million impressions per episode.  Best of all, the show was profitable the day it went live.  “I read all the time about how original online video programming isn’t profitable and can’t attract television-sized ad budgets,” said Wasserlauf. “‘Jen and Barb’ proved them wrong.

“Jen and Barb—and BBE—knew something that nobody else knew at the time: no moms were doing shows for moms – not Oprah or Ellen or Tyra – and that moms online equal money online. There are over 35 million moms online with children under the age of 18. They represent the most powerful consumer group in the U.S., controlling 85% of household spending, estimated to be worth over $2 trillion. And online video is perfectly suited to them—short, to the point and you can watch it anytime. We proved it.”