Adecco Group North America‘s recently released its latest American Workplace Insights Survey which indicates the economy is changing life at home and work, leaving moms feeling the most stress. Surprisingly, more than three quarters (80%) of working moms are working because they have to, showing there is likely an increased strain on family budgets due to the economic crisis. Additionally, almost half (48%) of working moms are more stressed due to the current economic volatility.  While the majority work because they have to, there are distinct advantages to being a working mother. According to the survey, children of mothers who work are more likely to be better behaved and do better in school. 74% of working moms think their children do well in school compared to 60% of non-working moms. 72% of working moms think their children are well behaved while 65% of non-working moms feel this way. Additionally, working mothers are 10% more likely to think their kids find them to be a role model than non-working moms (67% vs. 57% respectively).  Additional survey findings include:

  • Working more: Nearly one in five (16%) working moms report that their work hours have increased in this economy.  Almost half (48%) wish they could spend more time with their kids. 
  • Re-entering the work force: 13% of working moms went back to working recently due to the economy.
  • Michelle Obama most admired: Michelle Obama took the top spot as the most admired famous mom over Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Ripa, Jenny McCarthy, Angelina Jolie, Elisabeth Hasselback and others.