A new survey released by the SPLENDA(R) Brand reveals that health and well-being is a top concern for three out of four Latina Moms, with 86% recognizing they should do more to improve their family’s health and happiness outlook. In fact, improving health ranks significantly higher than education and saving for college (50%). However, almost three out of five Latina moms cite time pressures as the number one challenge to keeping their family on a healthy track. The SPLENDA(R) Brand recently had the survey conducted to understand the worries and challenges Hispanic moms face — from demanding schedules to health and nutrition to how moms make their families happy. Other insight from the survey reveals that despite challenges in keeping their families on a healthy track, Latina Moms are committed to living a healthy lifestyle that ensures family traditions remain intact. The two top health goals include ensuring physical activity (77%), while focusing on setting a healthier, yet still traditional diet (69%).  In light of the survey results, the SPLENDA(R) Brand and author, entertaining expert, and full-time mom Carolina Buia will partner together to provide Latina moms with simple, everyday solutions to help improve the health and well-being of themselves and their families, while maintaining a good work-life balance.  SPLENDA also has a wonderful site where Moms can get advice and information about living a healthier lifestyle http://www.splendajourney.com/moms-roundtable.