Inspired by this year’s wealth of Earth Day celebrations coupled with rising consumer demand for green products, Cal Springs, makers of BioGreen Bottles™ and one of the nation’s largest manufacturer of plastic sport water bottles, has announced the availability of a new 14 oz. child-sized sport bottle, the latest addition to their eco-friendly biodegradable plastic water bottle line.  Perfect for kids on the go, the child-sized bottle comes in fun colors and designs that promote “green thinking” for the littlest generation. Sized smaller than traditional water bottles, it fits comfortably in a child’s hand, while still holding enough water for day trips, park outings, play dates and any other kid-sized adventures. The bottles are a natural choice for moms looking for safe plastic products for their children. All BioGreen Bottles are BPA, DEHA and DEHP free, top-drawer dish washer safe, and have wide neck openings that allow for easy hand washing and quick refilling. BioGreen Bottles utilize the Cal Springs patented Duo Flow top, allowing parents to completely seal the bottle to avoid spills.  “After receiving a great response from the other BioGreen Bottle designs, we are very excited to offer an environmentally friendly product specifically designed for children, and hope the product will help foster environmental stewardship in the next generation,” said Cal Springs president Steve Finch. “As children grow, their bottle style and size preference will shift. It isn’t realistic to believe that a child would use their 14 oz. bottle for life, but parents don’t have to feel guilty about throwing our bottles out thanks to their biodegradable properties.” Like all other BioGreen Bottles, the child-sized bottle contains EcoPure, an additive created by Albuquerque-based Bio-Tec Environmental. EcoPure enables the bottles to completely break down in landfills and compost piles into biomass that nourishes soil, and biogas that can be harvested for energy use.