As a result of research conducted about moms and their feelings about the home and their family’s safety, RainSoft Water Treatment Systems, a division of Aquion Water Treatment Products, LLC, has uncovered a psychographic profile to describe the female home manager.  Mark Vance, RainSoft chief marketing officer, calls her the “Protector Mom.”  “Consumer product companies have long known that moms drive the majority of household purchase decisions, from diapers and juice boxes to vacuum cleaners and laundry detergent,” said Vance. “But now, we’re digging a little deeper, and we found that more than anything, moms want to have more control over their home environments. There’s always something to worry about on the outside, from swine flu, to sex and violence on TV, or the economy. Mothers know they can’t control what goes on outside the home, but they take every possible step to make sure their families’ immediate environments are safe and secure.”  RainSoft’s research identified five key traits of Protector Moms:

  • Young children (ages 0-7) in the home
  • Concerned about keeping a clean, comfortable, germ-free home, but dislike or don’t have time for housework
  • Want to protect their families from harm both in and outside the home
  • Busy schedules, looking for convenience and stress-free solutions
  • Search for information about potential purchases online


“Protector Moms want peace of mind, whether it’s putting filters on their Internet browser, using the V-Chip to control which programs their children watch, or, as is the case with our company’s products, making sure the water their families drink and air they breathe is safe,” Vance said.  Tips for marketing to Protector Moms:

  • Get to know the mommy bloggers. Mommy blogs are a way for Protector Moms to connect online with other moms, similar to the way they do offline. Even large corporations have taken note – Johnson & Johnson has a wide-ranging mommy-blogger strategy that includes sending out product samples and bringing select bloggers to its headquarters. Its new YouTube contest, “Big Bubblin’ Stars!,” which solicits bath time videos, is hosted by mommy blogger Christine Young, a homeschooling mother of six.
  • Don’t forget other social media! In addition to mommy blogs, Protector Moms research purchases online, view how-to videos and visit online communities like Facebook and Twitter. Baby care and juvenile products manufacturer Evenflo started a Facebook page to promote safe use of child car seats.
  • Offer an experience. Dodge did this by inviting Protector Moms to test-drive a new, fully loaded, Dodge Caravan for an entire week in hopes of inspiring positive reviews on mommy blogs. 
  • Remember not all moms are created equal.  Although Protector Moms share many of the same concerns when it comes to protecting their children’s health and wellbeing, their demographics vary. Companies should be careful to craft specific messages for each category of Protector Mom.