Toddler Virtues, an online tee shirt boutique, is not just for toddlers anymore. The first and only educational tee shirt line available to teach virtues to children has expanded to include Virtue Tees for Moms too. This addition has been launched in time for Mother’s Day with the debut of the Gratitude Virtue Tee.  Mom entrepreneur and founder of Toddler Virtues, Monika Hall explains, “With two toddlers of my own, I have quickly learned that children often do as we do rather than as we say. I thought adding Mom Virtue Tees would serve as good reminders to us parents to lead by example and refresh these virtues within ourselves.” Hall adds, “I hope that parents will start teaching virtues to their toddlers just as they do other core educational milestones (like ABC’s or colors). If we make instilling virtues a priority at a young age, we could take little steps to make the future brighter for our children. What could be a better gift than that?”  Toddler Virtue Tees available are: Kindness, Courage, Patience, Tolerance and Gratitude.