LunchBots, Inc. are the makers of a new line of healthy, eco-friendly lunch and snack storage containers that simply eliminate the threat of plastic toxicity from food storage products – and the cost to our environment – by opting instead for reusable and safe stainless steel container products.  The LunchBots brand and product line was created in 2008 by concerned mom and founder Jacqueline Linder, who had grown tired of scouring the plastic container isles looking for a safe, healthy option for her two young children. “I was amazed by the lack of non-plastic alternatives on the marketplace,” explained Linder.  “I was a mom who wanted to find a safer, environmentally friendly alternative for my family at an affordable price point – and it didn’t exist.” Linder created the LunchBots line out of her sincere belief that plastics are truly not good for our bodies – or for the planet.  LunchBots, which have been independently tested and certified to be safe, are plastic free and comprised of high-quality, 18/8 type stainless steel – the healthiest and safest food storage material available. Moreover, stainless steel is eco-friendly – because it’s reusable, it doesn’t create a regular waste product to pollute the environment and its saves money for users because of its sturdy lifespan.