Tara Mandy, a former New York Magazine editor, announced her newest venture, StrollerTraffic.com. StrollerTraffic cuts through the clutter of mom blogs with an authoritative voice on city parenting. “There are just so many angry rants and unfounded raves flooding the parenting space on the Web now,” says founder Tara Mandy. “We wanted to bring some legitimacy back to online editorial content by featuring true experts on the subjects city moms are thinking and talking about.”  At StrollerTraffic, everything you read has either been discovered by a been-there-done-that city mom or touted by a bona fide expert. Living and working in Manhattan, they know many of the folks who set parenting trends in motion. Having access to their trailblazing minds (and an insider’s peek at their next steps) is what makes StrollerTraffic the new must-read for hip city moms. Here’s a sample of what you will find:

  • StrollerTraffic’s free weekly “Traffic Report” email features tips and advice from a different industry expert each week, whether it’s the founder of Boon talking about how to keep bath toys from getting moldy or a nutritionist from Exhale explaining the downfalls of mainstream condiments. 
  • The StrollerTraffic Checklist is a downloadable PDF that lists absolutely everything an expecting mom needs, plus a recommended brand and helpful tip for each item.
  • The Scout Scoop is a daily newsfeed on new products and trends that’s updated by the StrollerTraffic Scouts, a network of plugged-in moms in cities across the country.
  • Each week, StrollerTraffic readers will be offered an exclusive deal in the form of Stroller Swag: covetable discounts and perks from StrollerTraffic sponsors.