Liberty Mutual recently announced the launch of its 2009 advertising campaign and newest edition to the popular “Responsibility. What’s your policy?” themed advertisements. Through a series of television and online advertisements that follow the lives of a “typical” American family, Liberty Mutual hopes to spark discussion and reflection on the topic of personal responsibility. The estimated $60 million campaign will air on major network and cable television including CBS, NBC and ABC. Additionally, Liberty Mutual is making extended versions of the advertisements available on its multi-faceted, online community, The Responsibility Project (, where individuals can join the conversation about the decisions portrayed in the advertisements as well as share their views on personal responsibility.  “Liberty Mutual considers responsibility a core value for its brand, employees and customers, and we created the advertising campaign and online community as a forum for discussing a topic that resonates with our customers and organization,” said Paul Alexander, Liberty Mutual Group senior vice president, communications.

The new advertising campaign, produced by Boston-based Hill Holliday, launched on March 29, 2009 during airings of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, CBS’ “The Unit” and NBC’s “Kings.” The advertisements tell the story of the Marlowes, a fictional family experiencing situations that challenge their definition of personal responsibility and what it means to “do the right thing.” The first advertisement introduces members of the Marlowe family, including its parents, grandfather and teenage children. Throughout the campaign, the Marlowe family must deal with situations that many viewers can relate to and can respond to online at These situations include those between parents and their children, such as a moment when the Marlowe family’s mother and father are secretly checking a computer that belongs to Zoe, their high school-aged daughter. Other advertisements highlight situations various family members face and also introduce viewers to the Marlowe’s extended family and friends.  “Creatively, this work is intended to provoke thought and action around issues related to responsibility,” said Hill Holliday CEO Mike Sheehan. “When Liberty Mutual first launched its first ‘pay it forward’ themed advertising campaign it looked at responsibility on a macro level, this new work takes a look at responsibility on a micro level and through the lens of a typical American family. Responsibility remains a value that is authentic to the Liberty Mutual brand and part of the company’s DNA.”