Eight out of ten moms report that the environment is an important or extremely important priority in their lives, but why are moms going green? Moms are going green to save money, according to a recent online survey of attitudes about the environment on Disney Family.com.  The survey revealed that 79 percent of moms turn off the lights when leaving the room to save money while only 18 percent of moms do it to help save the environment; and 66 percent of moms unplug appliances when not in use to keep costs down while 23 percent do it to reduce their carbon footprint. However, when asked if they would be willing to pay higher taxes if the money went to finding greener fuels, 47 percent of moms said yes, an 11 percent increase compared to April 2008 survey results. Additionally, when asked where new jobs should be created in the upcoming stimulus package, the “green” industry was second only to the educational sector.  “The survey results clearly show that the environment is an important issue for families but that this year, in particular, saving money is an even more important motivator to going green,” said Emily Smith, vice president of the Disney Family Group. “As a result of this, Disney Family.com has created a resource to help our guests learn new and easy ways to live green in a cost efficient way.”  Disney Family.com recently debuted its “Green a Little, Save a Lot” site (www.family.com/greenliving) to provide parents with access to information to help them save money while becoming more eco-friendly. Parents can also determine their carbon footprint, get expert advice on green living, find ways to volunteer to help the planet, and share “green” tips in a forum with other families.  “Our goal with Disney Family.com continues to be providing parents with new and easy ways to make small changes to be green without breaking the bank. We encourage moms and dads to come to our site and share examples of how they live an eco-friendly lifestyle, all while connecting with other parents,” Smith said.  In addition to survey findings, the “green living” page features tips and ideas aimed at helping families live a little greener.