, a video destination site for Moms to create, share and learn via video from pregnancy through parenting has selected Creative’s Vado as the official video camera for their Mom Vlogger program. Many reasons led to select the Vado Pocket Video Cam, from its small size to its ease of use. Moms really like the high-quality video that it captures and that it can store up to two hours of events, blog material, product reviews, or funny home videos, double the amount of the nearest competitor. Another key reason for the selection is that today’s Moms are more concerned about the environment and look for products that have a rechargeable battery, which is an important factor for Moms going green. Currently, has more than 100 Mom Vloggers chronicling their journey through motherhood and sharing insights on parenting on the site. Featured “Mom Experts” cover topics such as pregnancy, fitness, adoption, product reviews, going green, saving money, working at home, the Question of the Week, and more. The unique NewBaby Vlogger Network has pioneered the way in which Moms share and connect with each other by providing video cameras to Mom bloggers and experts to use for contributing to and then sharing links to the video posts on interactive micro blogging sites like Twitter. The partnership with Creative will enable to meet its Q2 goal to equip more than 250 Mom Bloggers with video cameras. Creative is also providing special programs for Moms to purchase accessories as part of this arrangement. The Vado and the complete line of accessories can be found at www, “Our goal starting out was to be a trusted resource and community for Moms to learn and share via video; we then started a program to help Mom bloggers add video by providing them a video camera to grow their capabilities as Digital Moms,” said Bob Sullivan, CEO of “We are excited to see how many of these influential Mom bloggers are now using video and our community to share with other Moms, the numbers are growing every day.”