Now parents, relatives and gift-givers can take back control instead of worrying about lead paint, choking hazards and other safety violations that have caused the recent recall of millions of imported children’s products. Made Here, Baby!, is the essential guide to finding the best American-made products for kids from preemies to preteens as well as for new moms.  After an intensive research and interviewing process, author Bruce H. Wolk has compiled this comprehensive and timely guide to more than 400 small, medium and large American manufacturers of products including toys, games, puzzles, diaper bags, carriers, car seats, baby products, clothing, shoes, bedding, furniture and sporting goods. Complete with personal anecdotes and compelling facts about each company, this book will help parents, grandparents, and relatives find safe, high quality locally made products that are perfect for kids of every age. Made Here, Baby! is also a must-have gift for moms-to-be.Throughout the book, Wolk highlights the unique profile of each of these American companies and also provides a useful index of women-owned businesses, companies committed to green or organic manufacturing and companies which have been in business for over a century. This easy-to-use guide features interesting facts about each company as well as details on how you can find and purchase their products. This collection cannot be found online as the list was compiled after thousands of hours of work. No company was favored over another or paid to be in Made Here, Baby!  “Keeping your kids happy and healthy is a major priority, so it’s reassuring to know that it is possible to find safe, high quality American-made products that in many cases also offer a money-back guarantee,” said Wolk. “Consumers will also be pleasantly surprised that many of the quality products made by these companies are very price competitive.”  Made Here, Baby! is available via and at most major online retail sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Borders, as well as numerous brick and mortar booksellers.  Wolk also invites comments and opinions to his Made Here, Baby! Blog at  Columns will focus on issues such as child safety, American manufacturing, American craftspeople, new manufacturing rules and regulations and discussion of recalls of imported children’s products.