According to the manners revolution has begun. A March 18, 2009 poll by indicates that 81% of 1000 mothers surveyed feel that “It is more important than ever to teach your child good manners.” The reasons stated were “To give my kids a stronger moral compass to guide them in this freewheeling world (64%)”, “Seeing badly behaved kids has made me realize how important it is to teach manners (58%)”, and “The world is a more competitive place and I want to set my kids up for success (43%).” The survey goes on to state that many parents want to teach manners in a different way than their own parents did, but they’re not quite sure how to do it.  Aimee Symington, children’s etiquette expert has created an interactive and entertaining game called Blunders® that teaches manners and polite behavior to children ages 5 and up. Symington, CEO of Successful Kids, says “As a mother of two and a children’s etiquette educator, I developed Blunders® to help parents address manners with their children in a positive and effective way.” She goes on to say “Well mannered children are viewed positively throughout their life which leads to confident and well-respected adults.”  The game Blunders® has won eight coveted national game and parenting awards and is recognized by educators as a teaching tool for social behavior.