A bundle of joy has arrived at the Web browser of every mom in America: ByMomsForMoms, a new blog about breastfeeding and baby care for new and expectant mothers, sponsored by Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc. ByMomsForMoms will be a portal for mothers to share their baby and motherhood experiences, get advice and encouragement from lactation consultants about proper breastfeeding techniques, stay informed of new products and trends in baby care, and more.  “Throughout our 20 years in the breastfeeding and baby care industry, we’ve developed a library of knowledge and resources from leading lactation and pediatric experts about nursing, baby nutrition, and mom’s health,” says Gina Ciagne, CLC, director of breastfeeding and consumer relations at Lansinoh. “ByMomsForMoms is a contemporary way for us to spread this knowledge to nursing mothers around the country. This is our latest step in our ongoing effort to support mothers, following last year’s roll-out of our online community, LansinohMoms.com, which provides peer support for breastfeeding moms.”  The blog will feature articles by and interviews with lactation experts, physicians, pediatricians, breastfeeding advocates, legal experts, real moms, and other people with an interest in supporting breastfeeding world wide.  ByMomsForMoms will be going where the rubber meets the road, and talking to real mothers about things that matter to them. The growing portal of knowledge will blend decades of experience from mothers and experts with today’s leading breastfeeding and childcare information.