Eighteen Kansas private colleges have combined resources to launch a new website, Proud2bPrivate.com. The site is designed to assist students and their parents in choosing the right college by acquainting them with the Kansas private colleges and by assisting them in finding programs and campus settings that match their interests and preferences.  “Each of the 18 Kansas private colleges offers a unique learning experience, and it’s significant that they have joined forces in this initiative,” said Susan Armstrong, president and CEO of Armstrong|Shank, the agency designing the site. “This is an innovative new site designed to make the college selection process easier for students and their parents.”  Though the Web has become a primary tool aiding in narrowing down choices and ultimately selecting a college, finding specific information hasn’t always been easy. The goal of Proud2bPrivate is to centralize and simplify that process.  “As more people look to the Web for information about colleges, the amount of information out there can be overwhelming … and more than a little confusing,” said Doug Penner, president of the Kansas Independent College Association. “We wanted to make it easier to access and much more understandable.”  Proud2bPrivate.com addresses topics ranging from college prep information to the benefits of private colleges to help in finding financial aid and applying for scholarships. It also boasts a useful tool that allows students and parents to focus their search based on available majors, sports and activities as well as a tool that helps in planning school visits to coincide with campus events.  Leading the project for Armstrong|Shank, account executive John DeCesaro had this to say, “We didn’t want to just educate parents and students about what makes private colleges special. We wanted to provide useful tools that help people make the major decision of where to go to college. It makes sense to be in the online space, because that’s where people are looking.”