Ripken Baseball and, the official website of Major League Baseball, have announced a multi-year agreement to jointly operate a new youth baseball instructional site, The initial phase will make available more than 200 lessons to subscribers and each will follow a guided curricula developed by Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr., and 12-year Major League veteran Bill Ripken and successfully implemented at the top baseball camp in the country, which is operated by Ripken Baseball.  The site will have age-appropriate instructional content suitable for kids — and parents and coaches of kids — ages 8-18, utilizing video and easy to understand written descriptions, with the dual purpose of enhancing the fun for kids and furthering youth baseball support and development tools for parents and coaches. Among the features will be Coachable Moments, complete analysis and evaluation of Major League Baseball game highlights and top plays by Cal and Bill Ripken and other Major League players, managers and coaches.  “ will be an interactive platform for coaches and parents to have ready access to our core instructional philosophy that we believe improves kids’ enjoyment and success on the field,” said Cal Ripken, Jr. “Combining these fundamental lessons with the video streaming technology and content of will provide a next-generation teaching experience that will help grow the game.”  The online instructional lessons will be divided into six key areas — hitting, pitching and defense with position-specific lessons, playing as a team, playing your position and an extra innings section. Each lesson will strive to help improve core developmental areas, increase understanding of the game and provide tips and insight to help further reinforce instruction. The extra innings area will be built out to include expert advice on equipment selection; fitness, strength and conditioning training; health and safety; and sportsmanship. Additional lessons will be added to throughout the course of each Major League Baseball season to include key plays and teaching moments across every aspect of the game.