Kelley Murray Skoloda is a partner/director at Ketchum and the author of Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to “Multi-Minding” Women, a book that should definitely become part of every marketer’s arsenal.  Kelley has always been a popular part of the M2W® stage and last year, in addition to being a presenter, we celebrated Kelley and the launch of her new book during the Pre-Conference Reception. Kelley will be returning to the stage for the  The 6th Annual M2W®- The Marketing To Women Conference to be held April 21 & 22, 2010,  at the Chicago Cultural Center.

So what don’t you know about this marketing-to-women dynamo and best-selling author?

1. Kelley’s kids are known to tell people, “mommy has holes in her brains so she probably did not remember to do that.”

2. She loves to cook and considers pasta Bolognese a specialty at her house.

3. Now that her kids can golf, Kelley has taken up golfing again and believes clothes make the game.

4. To write two chapters of her book, Kelley used input from real women, collected via her blog,

5. Kelley and her family have a bocce court in their backyard.

6. Twitter, facebook and other sites are places Kelley visits daily for great marketing to women information.

7. She has the privilege of working with some of the smartest and nicest people in the world at Ketchum.

8. Publisher’s Weekly named Kelley’s new book a “must read” and a “treasure trove of timely insights.”

9. M2W® is Kelley’s favorite conference because of all of the valuable contacts she has made there over the years.

10. Kelley is often too busy to shop, but shopping online enables quick purchases that feed her love of retail.