Industry experts and analysts report that in tough times like these parents are drawn to “retro” brands and tried-and-true toys over the next techno-gadget. Which makes it the ideal time for the return of P.J. Sparkles.  Back in the 80’s, P.J. Sparkles sales reached over $300 million, and in 2008, the doll category reached over $2.7 billion in sales.  “P.J. Sparkles is back and better than ever. The timing for P.J. Sparkles is just perfect,” says Roger Shiffman, president and CEO of Zizzle toys. “Moms of today grew up playing with P.J. and have fond memories. They’re now looking forward to sharing those fun experiences with their daughters and P.J. Sparkles.”  Zizzle’s P.J. Sparkles brings new innovation to the doll aisle this year with a touch of technology, and hours of entertainment and play as P.J. continues to light up girls’ worlds with love!   “We are seeing a big void in the girls’ aisle,” said industry analyst Gerrick Johnson of BMO Capital, “and that can be filled by exciting new lines and compelling new introductions from an old favorite like P.J. Sparkles.”