VTech Electronics has expanded its online resource for parents, Club VTech, by adding new interactive tools to help parents engage in their child’s development.  Available at www.VTechkids.com, Club VTech is a helpful guide to children’s development and learning. Now, moms and dads can use the Progress Tracker resource within Club VTech to track their child’s learning activities and compare their progress with the national average. Additionally, parents can access a wealth of expert parenting advice from the VTech Advisory Council, or key in their child’s age to learn about his development through the expanded Milestones section of Club VTech.  “It’s important for parents to take an active interest in children’s educational development,” said Lise Eliot, PhD, associate professor of neuroscience at The Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science and member of the VTech Advisory Council. “Club VTech provides an opportunity for parents to learn about age appropriate milestones, interact with their child’s progress, and tailor their child’s learning at home, so education doesn’t have to stop in the classroom.”