One of the greatest fears a parent has when teens get their drivers license is reckless and dangerous driving. Now, with the XACT | TRAX portable, personal tracking device from Xact Technology(TM), parents can rest assured that their children are driving safely.  Xact Technology’s proprietary web-based portal provides a user-friendly dashboard for the management of GPS tracking features and preferences. Parents can use the portal to set a speed limit or a “geo-fence” to alert them when their teen driver either goes beyond a pre-set speed limit or drives outside of the pre-determined area. XACT | TRAX also stores the destination information which can be easily viewed on the web-based portal. XACT | TRAX sends speed and location results to a phone, blackberry or via email to alert parents (or other contacts if desired). The device also meets the standards of most auto insurers that provide discounts for the use of GPS enabled devices.  “XACT | TRAX is a unique product that gives both piece of mind for parents with teen drivers and has a significant impact on the cost of auto insurance. Couple this with the low-cost of the unit and the no-subscription service, and this is a very valuable and beneficial product for any parent with teenagers who drive,” said William Acevedo, vice president of product development, Xact Technology. “Through the XACT | TRAX device, parents can monitor their teen drivers in real-time, enabling them to know if they are driving safely or recklessly.”  Xact is currently working with insurance providers to increase awareness of safety products which increase teenage driver safety.