Working moms are cutting back on household spending (84%), taking on more household responsibilities (60%) and want to be more organized this year (87%), according to a survey recently released by Office Depot®.  “Sixty-five percent of working moms say being well organized is very important to helping their families save money,” said Chuck Rubin, president of North American Retail for Office Depot. “In today’s economy, when one overlooked deadline can have a direct impact on your business or your family’s wallet, organization becomes crucial at work and home.”  Conducted by Braun Research, the survey of more than 500 working mothers found that being too busy or unorganized can affect different aspects of working moms’ lives – business, personal, and at home. For example, the majority of working moms (58%) say they’ve forgotten to pay a bill on time and half (50%) cited they have lost important information or an important document.  While working moms are buttoned up in the office or workplace, organization in the home is often lagging. Nearly half (46%) of women say they’re very organized at work or in the office while only one in five (20%) say they’re very organized at home.  While the changes in the economy can make life more hectic for working moms, some see a silver lining. Nearly one third of working mothers (29%) agree that if they lost their job, they would take the opportunity to start their own business.