When it comes to spending, moms are the bomb. All told, they influence virtually every brand transaction that takes place. They control 85 percent of household spending and are responsible for making $1.7 trillion of purchases.  Moosylvania has spent valuable, quality time with moms – both online and off – to hatch insights for better designed communication. It condensed its findings into 7 Keys to Mom’s Heart, a white paper it is offering for free.  “If you want to create long-term relationships with moms, 7 Keys will be your manifesto,” said Rodney Mason, chief marketing officer at Moosylvania. “We use it as a filter for brands that want to establish or re-affirm their loyalty and trust with moms.”  In addition to sharing proprietary purchasing patters and attitudes of moms, 7 Keys highlights successful mom-centric campaigns by Nintendo’s Wii, Allstate, Home Depot, MetLife, Michelin, Luna, Hewlett-Packard and Pepperidge Farm.  “There’s always more you can do for mom,” said Gus Hattrich, president of Moosylvania. “She’s quite open to positive support and meaningful help in her quest to build a happy, healthy family.”  For a copy of 7 Keys to Mom’s Heart, go to Moosylvania.com and click on “Insights.”