Bonnier Corp.’s Parenting Group, publisher of Parenting and Babytalk magazines, has announced the launch of Parenting Early Years and Parenting School Years, two new monthly editions of Parenting magazine focused on the issues that matter to moms based on the age of their children. Beginning with the February 2009 issue, Parenting magazine will become two separate editions: Parenting Early Years, with a circulation of 1.65 million, will focus on the issues of moms of infants, toddlers and preschoolers; and Parenting School Years, with a circulation of 500,000, will focus on the issues of moms with children in kindergarten through elementary school. Together, the two monthly editions will maintain Parenting magazine’s existing circulation: 2.15 million.  “On the day a mom puts her child onto the kindergarten bus, her life – and her child’s – will forever be changed,” said Susan Kane, editorial director of The Parenting Group and editor-in-chief of Parenting. “From homework and school bullies to cliques and cell phone use, the transition to school marks a whole new set of issues that aren’t fully being addressed by major parenting resources. Parenting School Years will fill that need, and Parenting Early Years will give moms of younger kids their own publication to turn to for advice and support.”  “The new editions bring to life what we’ve learned from listening to moms,” said Greg Schumann, vice president and group publisher of The Parenting Group. “Readers with older children told us they want more content that addresses their unique challenges as moms of school-age kids, and moms of younger children are more focused on the early stages of childhood – they’ll worry about the next phase when they get there. Two separate editions of Parenting allow us to provide both sets of readers with more relevant content in each issue, and give our marketing partners more targeted opportunities to reach the moms we serve.”