In a recent M2Moms® E-ssentials “Hot Headline” we announced that Suave was issuing a Beauty Stimulus Packages on Jan. 14th and for one day offering every American a free full-size bottle of Suave. “In this economic climate, shoppers realize more than ever the importance of getting great value for the dollar — without sacrificing on quality,” says David Rubin, marketing director, Unilever. “That’s what Suave has always stood for — high quality products that don’t break the bank. Americans are literally washing money down the drain on overpriced beauty products — by our calculations, consumers could have collectively saved $5.5 billion dollars in 2008 by buying Suave over more expensive brands. So learn about Suavenomics, be a savvy shopper, and live beautifully for less.” To keep a pulse on shoppers and their changing mindset in this current economy, the brand conducted the Suavenomics Spending Survey of 1,000 American moms in December 2008. The survey revealed that an overwhelming number of American families are proactively seeking out values, with almost all — a whopping 97 percent — reportedly looking for more ways to save now versus a year ago. Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of families are more worried about their finances than they were a year ago and almost all (95 percent) agreed that they are looking for products that give more “bang for the buck” in the current climate. In fact, the majority (two-thirds) agree they do not have to spend a lot of money to get high quality products. Families’ shopping habits have changed dramatically over the last six months, as expected. The Suavenomics Spending Survey probed to what extent:

• Sixty percent switched to less expensive brands where possible and almost half are taking more time to shop to find good values and shopping at discount stores for lower prices.

• Families are saving by cutting back on personal luxuries, including dining out (76 percent), entertainment expenses (69 percent), grooming treatments like haircuts and manicures (56 percent) and leisure travel (43 percent).

• Ninety-three percent of women believe they are the best bargain hunters in their families. Still, they say, it’s not easy.

• While moms continue to juggle their families’ lives — carpool, work, soccer practice, playdates — and 61 percent admit those things easier than managing the family budget.