Sway, Inc. recently announced the release of its new “U.S. Moms Social Media and Online Insights Report.” This proprietary report is geared toward helping marketers to better understand and target the consumer they covet the most — moms in the U.S.  “Estimates suggest that there are more than 30 million moms between the ages of 18 and 42 in the U.S., spending upwards of $2.0 trillion dollars annually,” said Milissa Rick, vice president and director of online insights, Sway, Inc. “While there’s no shortage of research available on this target, ours is unique in that it focuses upon these women’s social media and online behaviors.”  This report can be used for insight into the development and planning of Web 2.0 (blogs, podcasts, video, RSS, mobile phone, user-generated media, etc.) and Web 1.0 (Email, search marketing, affiliate programs, etc.) marketing campaigns targeted toward U.S. Moms.  The “U.S. Moms Social Media and Online Insights Report” addresses the following:

·      What are U.S. Moms doing online?

·      How are they using social media platforms?

·      What do the Online Influencers look like, and how do they behave online?

·      What are U.S. Moms shopping for online?

·      What hobbies are they participating in, and where do they go online to get

·      information on these hobbies?

·      How can companies successfully target U.S. Moms online?

“Forty percent of those we surveyed belong to a social network. Forty-six percent are spending ten or more hours per week online for their personal use,” said Jason Weaver, founder and CEO of Sway, Inc. “Just too many marketers are failing to capitalize upon this target’s tremendous buying power due to the absence of an informed Web 2.0 component in their marketing plans. This target is savvy — they’re in need of much more than just Emails and banner ads to spend their dollar.”  The “U.S. Moms Social Media and Online Insights Report” is available for immediate purchase at http://www.swayonline.com/research/momsreport.php or by calling Susan Olson at 608/833-0088 x 7703. Cost is $495.00 USD.