TurnHere, Inc., an Internet video production and advertising company, announced that it will produce video content for CookieMag.com, the online site for the lifestyle magazine Cookie. Under the agreement, TurnHere will produce a series of videos to promote the Smart Cookie Awards. Sponsored by Citi, the award honors mothers who have made a profound difference in the world. The videos spotlight women who believe in living life to the fullest and will showcase last year’s honoree as well as this year’s finalists. The videos tell each nominee’s personal story and highlight the work they do for their charity. Visitors to Cookiemag.com will have the opportunity to watch and vote for the mom they feel should be awarded $35,000 for her charity. TurnHere’s worldwide network of 7,000 professional filmmakers will help Cookie profile the nominees and charities by shooting on-location across the country without typical production travel costs.  In addition, TurnHere will produce a series of sponsored content videos with Cookie‘s advertisers throughout 2009. The sponsored videos will feature product demonstrations, helpful tips, interviews, and other valuable content aimed at providing Cookie readers with additional resources and information from the brands they trust. With TurnHere, Cookie Magazine is able to extend its marketing relationships to custom online content and an opportunity to engage visitors with video.  “TurnHere has a proven track record for creating compelling, story-driven content,” said Doak Sergent, creative services director for Cookie. “Cookie is known for its ability to connect with our readers. By partnering with TurnHere, we can offer our advertisers added value and exciting new ways to connect with our readers.”  “Magazines and other print publications are increasingly turning to online content as an important way to bring their pages to life and connect advertisers with readers,” said David Rich, SVP sales & marketing for TurnHere. “Since its launch, Cookie has become one of the industry’s top success stories, creating a loyal subscriber base and powerful brand around modern motherhood.”