To help them manage their children’s digital experiences, Verizon is making it easier for parents to find and access the online parental controls and resources for customers of the company’s online, FiOS TV and wireless services.  The enhanced website,, gives parents using Verizon Wireless, Verizon FiOS TV and any of Verizon’s high-speed Internet services, the ability to link to online tools for managing those services. To help parents make decisions about their families’ wireless, TV and online use, the site also offers links to resources including video tutorials, usage tips, expert websites and other information.  “Customers want the ability to manage their own communications and entertainment experiences – whether online, with TV and mobile,” said Kathryn C. Brown, Verizon’s senior vice president for public policy development and corporate responsibility. “Verizon has long been committed to Internet safety, and putting these important tools in one convenient location is another step in making it easier for our customers to make the best choices for their own families.”