The Hispanic got milk? campaign and celebrity milk mustache mom, Charytin, announced the first ever Super Mama contest earlier this year, as they searched throughout the summer for the next got milk? celebrity. The lucky winner to be dubbed got milk’s Super Mama was South Florida mom Ruth Regueros who enjoyed the once in a lifetime opportunity to star in her very own got milk? ad with her sons Alvaro David, 19, Juan Diego, 17, and Jose Daniel, 15. As the newest milk mustache celebrity, she received the star treatment and was pampered with celebrity perks including first class transportation to and from the photo shoot, a professional wardrobe stylist as well as a celebrity ranked hair and make-up artist. With her ad in national magazines this December, Ruth officially joined the ranks of famous moms like Barbara Mori, Alicia Villarreal and, of course, famous TV personality Charytin. As part of her winning prize package, she also received an all expense paid trip for her and her family to Orlando, FL.  The purpose of this contest was to award a very special mom who understands the importance of drinking and serving milk to her family in order to stay healthy, strong and in shape. The nutrients in 3 glasses of low fat or fat free milk a day, along with exercise and eating right, are part of a healthy lifestyle. Ruth was selected as the contest winner because of her obvious dedication to her family’s health. When asked what it meant to be a Super Mama, Ruth described it as “doing what’s best for your family, including looking out for their nutrition. Ever since my boys were young, I instilled in them the nutritional benefits of lowfat milk. Today my teenage boys are 19, 17 and 15 and I am proud that they each still drink three glasses of milk a day.”  Check them out at to access behind the scene footage and photos of the Super Mama campaign. While there, you’ll also find smart grocery shopping tips and learn more about why milk is a smart nutritional buy.