Due to the overwhelming response to Ideal Bite’s eco-tips directed at parents and those expecting, Ideal Bite (www.idealbite.com) has launched its very first specialized edition geared specifically towards eco-conscious mothers called “Mama Bite.” Ideal Bite’s helpful tips and sassy tone speaks to the huge population of moms that have common goals: they want to protect the planet their child will inherit, spend wisely, and of course provide the healthiest options for their family.  Founded in 2005 by Heather Stephenson and Jen Boulden, Ideal Bite offers tips on easy ways to go green and live better via a short free e-mail each weekday. The tried and true tips are fun, sassy and peppered with information that consumers can use to make small, practical changes that add up to big results. Mama Bite dishes out those essential tips for mothers everywhere, covering a range of topics from the types of bottles, clothing and toys to purchase, to saving money without skimping on quality, to the options moms struggle with on breastfeeding and cloth diapers.  The synergy between mothers and the environmental movement is as organic as Mother Nature herself. Mama Bite gives mothers a much needed respite in the sea of other mom-centric resources that are just too overwhelming and time-consuming. Ideal Bite appeals to the already 20,000 strong subscriber list of Mama Biters because the new edition delivers manageable, fun tidbits of well-researched information in an entertaining way.  “The moment I became pregnant, my commitment to living a greener, healthier life became that much more personal. It is our hope that mothers across the country will turn to Mama Bite to not only provide them with a place to learn, share and address concerns, but as a community that will connect them with other moms that share the same values,” said Mama Bite editor, Alison Lara.  Mama Bite will connect consumers to products, services and companies that are doing it right while also helping them to spend their important greenbacks wisely. Nearly 20,000 people pre-registered for the Mama Bite service before its debut, further proving that interest with this specific group of conscientious consumers is particularly high.  “Moms often control the family’s day-to-day budget, and so they know better than anyone the power of voting with their dollar,” stated Ideal Bite co-founder, Jen Boulden. A Mama Bite subscriber writes in with: “I am THRILLED to hear about Mama Bite! I’ve searched high and low for an easy to read, fun eco-source for mommies. Hooray! You guys and gals continue to rock!”