Tween girls and their moms may not agree on much but a new survey shows that they do agree on what constitutes the best holiday gifts and which brands both mothers and daughters feel best buying from.  Tween Girls and Alpha Moms have fueled the success of today’s top teen stars straight to the top of the Billboard charts and box office and have ignited sales of products like Nintendo Wii — and they are flexing their spending power this holiday season.  In mid-November 2008, AK Tweens, through, the country’s largest and only COPPA compliant safe social networking site for tweenage girls, surveyed 108 members of their Online Street Team; girls aged nine to 16, from across America. The open-ended questions asked what gifts tween girls most wanted this holiday season. The girls’ most frequently cited responses were then presented to a select group of moms, at Alphamom Labs (the research arm of the influencer site all of whom are moms of tweenage girls of the same age range, for their input on which gifts and brands chosen they most approved of and would purchase on their behalf.  The result? A top ten list of “Girl Pushed, Mom Approved” products and brands that have captured the hearts and approval (and potentially the pocketbooks) of both mothers and daughters, two of the most hyper-active purchasing agents this holiday season. The lucky winners include Apple, Disney, Nintendo, Target, Converse, Kohl’s, Claire’s, Nike, and the Twilight franchise.  For the Top 10 “Girl Pushed, Mom Approved” items, visit: