Expectant parents have a lot of questions and they need reliable answers. “Is a midwife a viable option for delivery? Is there a safe method of massage for my aching back? Can we share an ultrasound with our extended family?” After Baby’s arrival, there are additional questions; about breastfeeding, maternal recovery, safe products and more.  Lori Dunkman heard all these questions, and a thousand more, during her years as an ultrasound technician at a large hospital and found that, while resources exist to help pregnant and new moms, they tend to be scattered and sketchy. Now, Dunkman has brought all these resources together in a ground-breaking location called The Belly Factory. Located in Frankfort, Illinois, a southwest suburb of Chicago, and decorated with shades of chocolate and bursts of raspberry, The Belly Factory is like nothing expectant parents, new moms or grandparents have ever seen.  While The Belly Factory offers the latest in 4D ultrasound, Dunkman has shattered the norm for ultrasound boutique offerings. The Belly Factory offers yoga classes, including prenatal, postpartum, Mom & Dad and Mommy and Me as well as educational seminars addressing topics such as midwifery, how a dula can help, and natural childbirth options. Classes in infant/baby CPR, American Red Cross Baby Safe and Prenatal Chiropractic Care, among others, are also available and moms-to-be can enjoy a prenatal massage.  Dunkman says, “I began with the idea of offering the very best in ultrasound, administered by certified and registered technicians, in a warm, inclusive setting. Then, I found a huge hole in mom/baby resources. Everyone had a “You could offer this…” type of reaction and I realized parents really needed help. That’s when I knew what my mission had to be. I had to assemble a complete resource to address all their questions.”