“In the Motherhood” was named as a finalist in Forrester Research’s Groundswell Awards 2008, which recognize excellence and the effective use of social technologies to advance corporate goals. LiveWorld partnered with Mindshare on behalf of Sprint and Suave to create “In the Motherhood”, a robust interactive community featuring chat forums, parenting articles and games about motherhood. The core of the site is an original online video comedy series created by moms, for moms, and about moms. Mothers contributed the funny experiences they’ve had with their kids on the site (www.inthemotherhood.com). Mindshare Entertainment took the best of these and turned them into professionally produced scripts acted by top notch actors and created the video series that was made available on the site, TV and on mobile devices. Named as a finalist in the “Embracing” category, the site is the industry’s first to leverage user-generated content to create a video series through professional production and celebrity talent.  Through “In The Motherhood”, Suave and Sprint tapped into the universal shared experiences of moms in a humorous and entertaining way and have emerged as the brands that understand real moms and give them a voice. Viewership and impressions of the series have far outweighed goals. To date, the campaign achieved more than 16.9 million webisode views and 547 million campaign impressions.  The idea was conceived and executed by Mindshare, who partnered with LiveWorld for the community aspects of the site.