Cryobanks International Inc., a leader in the collection, processing, and banking of umbilical cord blood, has announced its new partnership with Becoming Mom Pregnancy Spa & Imaging Center located in Mason, OH, a Cincinnati, OH suburb.  Through this partnership, Becoming Mom will add umbilical cord blood storage and donation to its long list of specialty services all which promote a healthy pregnancy for its clients. Becoming Mom will be taking an active role in educating their members about their cord blood options while in the comfort of the Becoming Mom Spa environment. Through this program, Becoming Mom Members will be able to donate their cord blood free of cost. Or if they feel private storage is the better option, their Becoming Mom Spa Membership will earn them a discount on Cryobanks International’s initial processing and storage fee.  “We are excited to be working with Becoming Mom helping educate their members about their cord blood options. We know there is still a lot of confusion about what options families have for their babies’ cord blood and what option is best for each. Helping Becoming Mom promote a well informed decision to the parents is our main goal,” said Legna Pena, marketing coordinator for Cryobanks International.  “I have long thought that offering education about cord blood storage to our clients was a service that fit perfectly within our mission. With Cryobanks International, I have finally found the right partner to do it with,” says Dawn Bierschwal, founder of Becoming Mom.