M2Moms® E-ssentials recently heard from Kelley Styring, principal of InsightFarm Inc. and good friend of the M2Moms® and M2W® communities.  As you will recall, Styring took her family on a 5,500 mile road trip this past summer—conducting ethnographies in 7 cities, visiting great American icons and automotive roadside oddities, and immersing themselves in a 2009 Honda Pilot courtesy of the American Honda Motor Company.   Combining this personal experience and ethnology with more than 200 quantitative interviews, Styring is working on her latest book In Your Car:  Road Trip through the American Automobile that will provide an in-depth look into the automotive lifestyle, unlocking innovation opportunity for any company wanting to market to this ‘home away from home.’  She has recently uploaded a video short on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2dGW9wXyLE.  Styring is looking for your feedback on the video and, more importantly, she says, “rate the video so we bump its ranking up!”  Also, check out her blog for highlights of an innovation tool under development, http://www.insightfarm.blogspot.com .