News and sales are traveling fast for the newborn swaddler Miracle Blanket® thanks to a vocal mommy-blogging nation that has thrust the unique product into the spotlight. The momentum is nothing short of phenomenal resulting in increased website traffic, visibility and bottom-line sales that have stretched well beyond 1 million units. For company officials, who attribute 90% of Miracle Blanket sales to that unrelenting online word-of-mouth influence, those numbers speak volumes.  “We are astounded with the power of social media and how it’s ignited such a passion for our product,” says Michael Gatten, creator/founder of Miracle Industries®, makers of Miracle Blanket, a unique swaddle design that calms fussy, colicky babies. “Nothing in our product category even comes close to our popularity in the blogosphere or social media in general.”  According to blogging moms it’s attention well deserved with numerous glowing social networking testimonials being tracked each and every day by search engines.    From blogs, podcasts, social networking and social bookmarking to social network aggregation, microblogs, Q&A sites, photo sharing and video sharing, Miracle Blanket is no doubt reaping the enormous benefit of this intensified word-of-mouth phenomena that’s influencing buying behavior.  “Customers are too jaded to believe it when I, as the owner of the company, tell them how great our swaddling blanket is,” says Gatten. “But when they hear the same things from these independent bloggers or moms posting testimonials, they feel safer trusting the source.”