Baby Rock Apparel, Inc., a manufacturer of hip toddler and baby clothes with an edge, is launching a new Street Team marketing campaign utilizing Stay-at-Home Moms looking to earn extra money.  Baby Rock Apparel is looking for cool creative moms in key regions to create a buzz around the Baby Rock Apparel brand and drive sales on  “There are cool kids and parents everywhere looking for unique edgy baby and toddler clothes, but not everyone knows about Baby Rock Apparel. As such, we’re looking for trendy moms with contacts in key regions to help generate some hype,” says Ryan Strayer, co-founder of Baby Rock Apparel, Inc.  Once an application is accepted, Street Team Captains will be set up with the marketing tools needed to print flyers and place banner ads on websites, blogs and other social media forums. Points are then earned for every sale generated using the specific 20% Off Coupon Code given to the Street Team Captain and they can be turned in for cash or can be used to buy products at at a discount.  “We get constant requests from stay-at-home moms that dig our clothes to find out how they can get involved with selling our products, so we decided to launch the Street Team program to help give moms a way to make extra cash and also promote the Baby Rock Apparel brand,” says Kim Strayer, president of Baby Rock Apparel, Inc.