As Precious Moments celebrates the 30th anniversary of their original figurine collection, they are both honoring the brand’s loyal fans and reaching out to a new demographic.  Precious Moments is happy to introduce the Precious Girls Club (TM), a virtual world, book series and product collection for girls ages 4-12 that is built on the brand’s wholesome values and faith-based messages.  “The Precious Girls Club allows us to help parents keep their little girls precious in the digital age, while staying true to the message that made our brand everything it is, and has been, for the past 30 years,” said Bret Moore, vice president of marketing for Precious Moments. “It’s a fun and engaging way for moms and grandmothers to share their Precious Moments connection with their kids and grandkids.”  The Precious Girls Club is based on an all new book series for girls that revolves around the life of Katie Bennett and a diverse group of her friends. Through the experiences of Katie and her friends, wholesome values are reinforced in a fun and engaging way. Their world is brought to life not only through books, but also through a state-of-the-art virtual world and exciting retail product offerings, including figurines, jewelry, charms, and other related accessories. These products all come with exclusive codes that can be used to unlock online content and membership benefits.  Precious Moments also recently launched Precious Moms, a website designed to connect mothers of like-minded beliefs and values. The site, , features celebration planning tools, inspirational messages and advice from real world moms. has been well-received, growing steadily in monthly page views and newsletter subscriptions since its launch. Moms will be able to send emails to their daughters’ “virtual laptops” in their Precious Girls Club rooms and even reward offline behavior with online charms. Because the Precious Girls Club was created to be safe place for girls to play, learn, and interact with friends online, moms can rest assured that their daughters are being exposed to the wholesome values of Precious Moments in a secure virtual environment.