Cookie Jar Entertainment has signed a five-year deal with Kaboose, Inc. to revitalize its Mommy & Me brand online and represent the property’s audience to advertisers targeting its prized demographic of moms. The Kaboose-managed site is set to re-launch in early 2009 and will be supported by an extensive offline marketing campaign, including Mommy & Me preschool products sold at retail nationwide, TV advertising, radio promotions, print and direct mail advertising and comprehensive mommy-targeted public relations.  The revamped Mommy & Me website,, will join Kaboose’s community of premium mom-focused properties and will feature daily mom-targeted content and activities, a new and improved Playgroup Finder and other valuable tools, local resources and communities led by Kaboose’s network of expert moms.  “We are very excited about partnering with Kaboose, one of the most successful family-focused online media companies in the world,” said Ken Locker, Cookie Jar Entertainment senior vice president, Digital Media. “As online mom experts, Kaboose will be able to offer Mommy & Me moms information and guidance on how to make the most of their time with their children on a daily basis.”   “We know that the 30 year equity in the Mommy & Me name will help to make this new venture a success,” said Alexandra Aleskovsky, GM and senior vice president of Online Media Properties for Kaboose. “Together Kaboose and Mommy & Me look forward to being the premier website that moms with children ages 6 months to 4 years turn to for playgroups, local information, advice and their overall mom-to-mom connection online.”