While serving overseas, many military moms and dads are missing major milestones in the lives of their children.  That fact prompted a recent letter in the October issue of American Baby (which was distributed during M2Moms®).  In response to the letter from Lt. Michael Bell and four of his fellow soldiers, editor-in-chief Judy Nolte published the letter along with photos from each parent’s child to help the families celebrate their milestones—even if from a distance.  Recently, Nolte appeared on a segment for CBS News where she met via satellite with David Wasson a military dad and husband of one of the soldiers from the letter.  Said Wasson, “It meant a lot to the family to see that someone actually cared enough to publish [the letter].”  Wasson added it was a “morale booster for both the soldiers in the field and their family state-side.”  Click here to view the segment:  http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/10/23/uttm/main4542351.shtml