Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Marketing to Hispanic Moms in the United States 2008” report to their offering.  Hispanics represent the largest minority group in the U.S. and are among the fastest-growing segments of the population. Hispanic spending is projected to reach $1.2 trillion by 2012. One cause of this rapid growth is the high fertility rate of Hispanic mothers, most of who make purchase decisions not only for themselves but also their children.  Communicating effectively with Hispanic mothers is important to manufacturers of baby products, but is sometimes challenging as many of these mothers prefer to communicate in Spanish. Also, they have attitudes about children, family and marketing that are distinct from English-language dominant Hispanic moms and non-Hispanic mothers. This study of Hispanics mothers indicates that successful marketing in this segment requires not only Spanish language ads, but also themes and imagery that are culturally relevant to Hispanics and somewhat distinct from what an agency may use to appeal to Caucasian mothers.