A diverse group of online mom bloggers is moving the conversation about products and services from the kitchen table to the Internet and, for the first time, successful companies are taking note.  National mom marketing agency, Mom Central Consulting, has just released an extensive 55-page trend report, Illuminating the Power of Mom Bloggers. Mom Central has delved into the tremendous viral power of this group and their ability to influence the success of a brand or company. The study, which was just completed, includes in-depth interviews with nearly 300 of the most influential and popular mom bloggers along with surveys of 495 Moms nationwide. Mom Central CEO Stacy DeBroff says, “Every day, we work with hundreds of Mom Bloggers, both in terms of research as well as running extensive blog tours for corporations. We wanted to share an elusive insider’s perspective into these Mom bloggers-who exactly they are and how they build powerful brand awareness and influence consumer behavior.”  The researchers at Mom Central asked mom bloggers to describe why they blog, their financial motivations, how much time they devote to blogging, their personal and professional backgrounds, and their interactions with brands. Mom Central’s vice president of research Tracey Hope-Ross says, “We wanted to delve deep into what motivates mom bloggers and why they represent such an untapped viral force for both corporations and causes. We were surprised by our findings and are excited to share these valuable insights.”  For additional information on the Mom Blogger trend report, contact Tracey Hope-Ross at tracey@momcentral.com, 617.244.3002 or twitter: @thopeross.