is expanding its offering to include Daily Buzz, a new interactive section where moms can take a break from their busy days to see what other moms are buzzing about. Nine women bloggers each edit a section of Daily Buzz, where they post short thoughts about hot topics; point moms to new, relevant content within CafeMom; link to outside news and resources; and encourage moms to share their own views.  In Daily Buzz, moms can respond to opinion polls about pressing news topics, learn healthy, kid-friendly cooking tips, or debate controversial medical news. The section covers nine categories that are updated daily with fresh content, ideas, and links: Entertainment, Food & Party, Healthy Living, Home & Garden, Beauty & Style, Pregnancy, Baby, Toddler, and Big Kid. Recent topics covered by Daily Buzz bloggers include the “mommy brain” phenomenon, asking if a poor economy calls for a vegetable garden, and reactions to Sarah Palin’s un-retouched Newsweek cover photo.  “Daily Buzz takes the best new content from CafeMom and other websites, organizes it into popular, pertinent topics, and adds a dash of fun from our bloggers,” said Michael Sanchez, CEO, CafeMom. “In keeping with the CafeMom tradition of user-generated content, Daily Buzz gets some of its best ideas from the lively discussions already taking place on CafeMom, and encourages other moms to join in.”  The diverse, wide-ranging content on Daily Buzz appeals to all CafeMom users, who live in all parts of the country, have kids of all ages, and enjoy a range of professional and personal lifestyles. “With innovative new offerings like Daily Buzz, we’re continuing to meet our members’ needs and enhance their CafeMom experience, while also offering our advertisers another targeted way to engage moms,” added Sanchez.