Armour-Eckrich Meats LLC is proud to announce fitness expert Kathy Kaehler as the spokesperson for their Healthy Ones(TM) brand. Healthy Ones, a line of American Heart Association certified lunchmeat products, will debut a mom-to-mom focused advertising and public relations campaign in January 2009. Kaehler, the mother of three boys, will be the centerpiece of the campaign — promoting Healthy Ones products including ham, turkey breast, chicken breast, hot dogs and sausage.  “We know that moms want to set a good example for their families, especially when it comes to nutrition and health,” said Mike Brown, president of Armour-Eckrich Meats LLC. “And Healthy Ones is a mom-worthy meal because our premium deli taste comes with reduced fat, cholesterol and sodium. We believe Kathy Kaehler’s approach to life — balancing family, happiness, health and nutrition — will resonate with busy moms across the country. Her passion for family, nutrition and fitness make her a perfect match to represent the Healthy Ones brand.”  “Kathy Kaehler delivers a positive and realistic image for moms and brings a new level of energy to the Healthy Ones brand,” said Charles Gitkin, vice president of marketing and research and development at Armour-Eckrich Meats LLC. “Healthy Ones is devoted to families living happy, healthy, balanced lives. We are thrilled to have a spokesperson who shares our philosophy and connects with our target consumers: moms.”